Naked Portrait 2010 onwards

For this project I am working with women who feel strong in the power of their natural beauty. Textural history, like stretch marks, scars etc are part of the story. This makes the project sound serious, but in reality I want humour in the mix. The two pix shown at the moment are of young women, but the project is planned for work with women from a broader age range and with a mix of body shapes. Stretch marks and other signs of having lived are part of the story and are recorded by the texture loveing qualities of 10x8 inch negative size cameras

John Austin, Quinninup, October 2012

Prints are for sale as fine limited edition archivally processed silver gelatine prints in rag board mats

Kat Skow, portrait, black white photograph
Kat Skow, portrait, 2010
naked portrait with clay black white photograph
Christelle, portrait with clay, January 2011
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