Rae Starr

Rae Starr, Rollei

Rae Starr returned to traditional black and white photography in 2008

Rae Starr is manager of Mountford Gallery Pemberton, where she holds four solo or curated thematic exhibitions per year of a wide range of media from known and emerging artists

Pinhole Photographs

Rae Starr Zero Image camera

Rae Starr studied pinhole photography by taking part in workshops in Bristol with Justin Quinnell

In April 2011 Rae ran the inaugural Quinninup Pinhole Photography Day, part of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

In addition to silver gelatine, Rae prints in cyanotype and gum bichromate (I do the poisonous bits, Rae exposes the paper)

Rae Starr Quinninup Lake pinhole photograph
Rae Starr, Quinninup Lake, Western Australia, 2011
Rae Starr Mandalay Beach pinhole photograph
Rae Starr, Mandalay Beach, Western Australia, 2011
Rae Starr, Fernhook Falls, Deep River pinhole photograph
Rae Starr, Fernhook Falls, Beardmore Road, Deep River, Western Australia 2010


Rae Starr Mandalay Beach pinhole cyanotype photograph
Rae Starr, Mandalay Beach, Western Australia, 2011, cyanotype print

Silver Gelatine Prints

Rae Starr Groyne UK photograph
Rae Starr, Groyne, North East England, 2009
Note, this image depends on subtle tonal values at both the high and low end of the range, so does not transpose well to digital media
Rae4 Starr Snow Keynsham photograph
Rae Starr, Snow, Somerset, England 2009
Rae Starr Moons Crossing Warren River photograph
Rae Starr, Warren River, Moons Crossing, Western Australia, 2008
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