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black white forest aerial performance photograph
black white Pilbara landscape
black white river landscape photograph Deep River WA black white landscape photograph Zamia karri forest WA
black white naked portrait black white landscape photograph Broke Inlet WA
black white photograph Lindsay Vickery performance WA black white landscape photograph Steart Flats Somerset UK
Forest Threnody Video

“John Austin's black and white photographs are a means of showing his world as clearly as possible. The apparent simplicity of John's images belie the depth and meditative awareness that illuminates his work, qualities that are best revealed by viewing original silver gelatine prints

To achieve the sensuous quality of his prints John Austin uses the largest format cameras practical in any situation. His use of large negatives is combined with his mastery of silver gelatin printing, still the finest archival black and white photographic print medium. John is now the only Western Australian professional landscape and portrait photographer working exclusively with large format silver based black and white photography in a real darkroom

John Austin's black & white photographs are in many collections, including the National Portrait Gallery; the Art Gallery of Western Australia; the Australian National Library; Curtin University, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery; Western Australian Department of Justice and private collections in Australia, Singapore, the USA, South America and England”

Rae Starr, Quinninup, July 2012


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My blog, the Snapshots page, is being moved to john austin photography on WordPress. This is because I wish this and my new soon-to-be released large format black and white landscape photography site to be professional without comment cluttering up what I intend to develop into very elegant sites

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