Traditional Black and White Photography

Littoral and Limnal

These black and white photographs examine the Australian coast, estuaries, inlets and coastal lakes. They are a return to a subject previously explored on the English Coast from 1975 to 1980. The new images started with work at Broke Inlet. Following the break of thirty years the approach to Australian Beaches work is different to the English Littoral, but is still an observation of edge in flux

Much of this portfolio is co-oeval with the coming of Rae into my life, and with her gift of the book Open World, The Collected Poems of Kenneth White. White' poetry was one of the very earliest infuences on my work in 1970

The main aspect of my return to the Littoral was and is a move away from forest documentation, which by 2003 had utterly drained me, and the forest was enclosing me in its pain

As White stated at the introduction to the long poem Walking the Coast "The need for panorama and perspective. . . "

  • Littoral and Limnal
Burnt Melaleuca Swamp, Karrara SF 2003 - © John Austin Broke Inlet, 2004 - © John Austin Broke Inlet, 2008 - © John Austin
Broke Inlet, 2004 - © John Austin Fernhook Falls, Deep River, 2009 - © John Austin
Burnt Peat Edge, Lake Surprise, 2003 - © John Austin Waychinicup Inlet, 2012, jbaphoto120924.09.jpg - © John Austin
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