Black and White Photography and Cyanotype

Rae Starr


Pinhole and Cyanotype

*Note, this page is still being loaded, also the copyright attribution to this site only lists John Austin until modifications are made, so images on this page are copyright Rae Starr)

The images on this page were made by Rae Starr with a Zero 5x4 Pinhole Camera and printed as silver gelatine prints, gum bichromates or as cyanotypes.  In addition to camera based images Rae works with plant form photogrammes in cyanotype on textiles.  These textile pieces are then used in larger textile works.

Rae Starr started working with textiles at the age of seven and photography after her mother bought her a Kodak Vecta 127 camera for her ninth birthday.  Rae also works with a Zeiss Contaflex, the prettiest SLR ever made.  Images from this camera to follow.  A 10x8" pinhole camera specific to Rae Starr's needs is currently being designed and built.  She intends to use it for further Broke Inlet and other work.

  • Rae Starr
Sarah's Boat Broke Inlet 2017. 5x4 - © John Austin
Sarah's Boat Broke Inlet WA, 2017. 10x8 cyanotype from lith neg' on Saunders watercolour paper - © John Austin
Mandalay Beach, WA, Feb' 2011, enlarged print from 5x4 - © John Austin
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