Traditional Black and White Photography


Sarah's Boat, from pinhole picture to large cyanotype

Review of new-old Ikeda Anba camera

Story - Waychinicup

Feb 18th, 2019 • Stories

Waychinicup Inlet, Western Australia, September 2014

Deep River, Fernhook Falls 2009, my birthday 2009

Peta and Debbie and the Megastump
Gardner 08 State Forest, January 1999

Infant Quokka, (Setonix brachyurus) in the SW of WA

Portrait of HT, Northcliffe 1988

This photograph took several years to make, from the first idea to the re-growing of her armpit hair

Photographs of a Western Australian aerial performing artist and teacher in the Western Australian karri forest.

Looking back at my second 24 year survey show

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