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Super Wide Woody

Oct 31st, 2018 • Uncategorised

Single Lens Body for 75mm Wide Angle Lens

John Austin Exhibition Opening Mandurah, Western Australia, 14th October 2018

John Austin Survey II.v 1994 - 2018 Exhibition at Mandurah WA

Patti Smith M Train quote

An edited version of an article from 2003 concerning catastrophic loss of peat from wetland systems in south west Western Australia

Wetlands and losses of peat, detritivores and edaphic processes due to inappropriate fire use in D'Entrecasteaux, Shannon and Walpole Wilderness Area National Parks, Western Australia

Bokeh and Spherical Aberration


Apr 2nd, 2018 • Exhibitions

FB Messenger response from a friend visiting the Bunbury showing of John Austin Survey II 1994-2018

Stage 3 of my Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Touring Exhibition, John Austin Survey II 1994-2018

Notice for my Survey II show in Art Geo Buselton

Best Comment Ever

Dec 6th, 2017 • Exhibitions

Eva's comment

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