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Testing Times

Oct 22nd, 2017 • Uncategorised


But nothing about the failed attempt at a smart 'phone. I knew from the beginning that letting Rae get me a mobile 'phone with an IQ vastly superior to mine was a mistake (Samsung galaxy J1-2016). Now sorted, she gets the 'phone, I go back to a Leica IIIc, a leather covered note book and a fountain pen

This is about making sure my ancient D76d film developer, made up in May 1985 and replenished ever since is not too brutal for the current light. Replenished developer, even with great care, tends to git a bit brutal with age, needing 5 litres to be dumped and replaced with nice young gentle developer every change in the season

Zone VIII test patch

The image showsn is the end of my darkroom wall with a spot for the spot meter and the exposure Zone value for each neg on a roll marked. The one shown is Zone VIII, the hinge exposure for development. The crucial one for exposure is Zone I

Now to have a rest to get over my 'phone tantie


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