Traditional Black and White Photography


I have always made snapshots; to use Imogen Cunningham's phrase "celebration of the commonplace"

Until 2008 I had filed and ignored these snapshots, Now I am giving them some attention. These are personal documents and observations of things and events around me, There is no attempt at a theatricum mundi and I am not a photo-flaneur. Where there are pictures of tourists they are engaged, even when no words are used

I had been expecting a narrative to emerge unifying these pictures. But following a major printing of them I now see the Eclection snapshots as a load of mongrel puppy dogs, all different, following me around sniffing and yapping and peeing on everything. During the preparation for my second twentyfour year survey show at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery these were shown in groups of six or eight prints per frame in a grid. At first I thought to make some order of them, but very quickly gave that idea away and just grabbed any six or eight that would sort of fit, regardles of subject matter or date

It may be observed that some of the pix appear to be plagarisms. This is part of the process of learning to see how other workers have seen, playing with their ideas. Play is crucial to continued growth within any medium, and is one of the prime roles of the Eclecton series. Play is one reason this series is made with fiddly ancient screw mount Leicas, one needs play to put up with the Leica up-the-arse film loading (note the way the sprocket holes show in some images), the fiddly viewfinders and the host of other awkardities that come with the ultimate in costume jewelry, although some Eclection images are made with a Rollei 35B. For important 35mm work I use Nikon F cameras

Eclection, from the Greek, submitted to Macquarie Dictionary

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Roger Garwood - © John Austin Rae Starr, Pinhole Camera, Mandalay Beach WA, 2011 - © John Austin Kat Campbell, Fremantle, 2011 - © John Austin Rae and Pinhole Negative, Quininup - © John Austin Rae at Butter Factory Art Gallery, Denmark - © John Austin
Rae and Mural, Manjimup - © John Austin Self Portrait with Torii Arch, Quinninup - © John Austin Jessica and Elowen, Gold Coast 2016 - © John Austin Bronwyn in Blue Wren Cafe, Denmark 2013 jbaphoto131222A11 - © John Austin Flare Test of a Lens, with Torii Gate Mk II, 2014 jbaphoto141202A27 - © John Austin
Woman Taking Pills, Fremantle 1986 jbaphoto960201A23 - © John Austin Glass in Sunlight, Fremantle (thinking of Sudek) 1986 jbaphoto860201A014 - © John Austin First roll with Leica IIIc plus Summitar, Waychinicup 2013 jbaphoto131107B39 - © John Austin Umbrellas, Nannup Music Festival, 2017 jbaphoto170305Axx - © John Austin
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