Traditional Black and White Photography


I have always made snapshots, simple pictures of family, friends, events and ideas. Until 2008 I had filed and ignored them. Now I am giving them some attention. These are personal documents and observations and do not attempt to be a theatricum mundi, nor, I hope, are they the idle thefts of photo-flaneurs. (My The pictures of Asian tourists are all engaged, with the tourists being knowing and active participants in the photographing)

I had been expecting a narrative theme to emerge unifying these pictures. But following a major printing of them I see there is only one internal narrative, the continuation of Western Australian artists portraits. I now see the rest of the Eclection snapshots as a load of mongrel puppy dogs, all different, following me around sniffing and yapping and peeing on everything

The new portfolio of artists portraits will be a direct continuation of artists portraits. This idea has in part been generated by comments from and the essay by Dr Diana McGirr. This is one thread that can easily be unraveled from the twisted skein that comprises the rest of them; and they can remain knotted

Eclection, from the Greek, submitted to Macquarie Dictionary and awaiting approval

  • Eclection
Debbie and Greg, Fremantle  - © John Austin Roger Garwood - © John Austin Rae Starr, Pinhole Camera, Mandalay Beach WA, 2011 - © John Austin Kat Campbell, Fremantle, 2011 - © John Austin
Rae and Pinhole Negative, Quininup - © John Austin Rae at Butter Factory Art Gallery, Denmark - © John Austin Rae and Mural, Manjimup - © John Austin Self Portrait with Torii Arch, Quinninup - © John Austin
Jessica and Elowen, Gold Coast 2016 - © John Austin Howard Taylor, Gallery Dusseldorf, 1995 - © John Austin Howard Taylor, Gallery Dusseldorf, 1995 - © John Austin
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